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Some examples of our previous projects

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Event activation & creative direction

Client: marine stewardship council

BRIEF: create an engaging trade show activation promoting sustainable seafood standards while aiming for zero-waste design principles in the execution.

We created a stand-out exhibition activation for Marine Stewardship Council using 95% or upcycled materials. We ensured all elements were re-usable and we were pretty happy with ourselves when we witnessed the excessive waste involved in the set up and pack down of trade show settings. The relatively small budget forced us to get creative and think of a way to send a clear message about sustainable seafood without simply ‘buying’ a new installation.

The result: over 250 industry representatives engaged in meaningful conversation about the clients mission and exchanging details for further information. exposure to over 30,000 industry-relevant visitors and… about 25 really cute branded selfies.

Brand development & strategy

Client: Pemberton Honey Company

BRIEF: create a sister brand for the new beekeeping business that is ready for launch into the buzzing global market for high quality australian honey.

We created a brand for Whispering Woods, a farm, B&B and wedding venue in Pemberton WA, in 2016. The client came to us hoping to extend on the success of their existing brand using its aesthetic to create a visual style for their newly acquired honey business. We were exited to help and got to work researching global honey markets, brands and understanding the environmental importance of the honey industry in Australia and around the world. We loved working with this company and Whispering Woods as they aim to incorporate sustainability and low-impact practices at all times, as if it was second nature.

Considering the multicultural market, we incorporated clear and recognisable symbolism. The towering Karri forests that the Pemberton region is famous for and the hexagonal honey comb combined. Using a deep brown and rich honey colour scheme captured from photographic reference form the beehives and product itself.

The result: A honey brad ready for a busy local and international market.


Brand development, ongoing creative, marketing & strategic support

Client: flyk travel & lifestyle products

BRIEF: to launch and build flyk - a company dedicated to providing highly-usable solutions to the plastic waste epidemic.

We have been working with FLYK since it was a scribble on the back of a beer coaster. Now, at only just a year old, FLYK is exploding into the market with a full pipeline of future wholesale and retail opportunity as well as unprecedented sales.

“Not only is the team extremely skilled, they also just happen to be some of the nicest humans I have been privileged to be in contact with. I will definitely be using The Ponderance Collective with all projects” - Beau Walker, FLYK Founder

The result: A full suite of branding and sales resources, fast brand and product uptake including global retail offers and unsolicited angel investment offers. sell out activation events and… more than anything… a hug impact on the single-use plastic problem with an estimated reduction impact of at least 120,000 disposable coffee cups, 5,000 water/drink bottls and many more. go planet!

Social Media Campaign & Creative

Client: marine stewardship council

BRIEF: to rewrite a traditional christmas… with seafood.

For this campaign we created 13 illustrations featuring different MSC Certified marine creatures in various states of Christmas celebration. It’s not entirely necessary to say our whole team had a big splash of fun creating these joyful and funny scenes of humanised sea life playing cricket, tooting pipes and decorating trees.

The result: This campaign saw the largest reaction on social media in MSC Oceania's history.

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International communications strategy, content production & rebranding

client: katoke trust for overseas aid

BRIEF: audit and create a 2 year strategy including marketing content library, media policy and social media strategy

In 2018, we travelled to regional Tanzania and lived on-site at the Katoke Lweru Secondary School which opened in April 2009. There are some 485 students from Forms 1-6 boarding at the school, 27+ teachers, administration, library and boarding staff. While there we worked to understand, document and generate content around the work of Katoke Trust both in Tanzania and Australia.

This incredibly rewarding experience saw us becoming deeply involved in the local community and feeling very much at home in an entirely new and different context. We understood our earned ability to adapt socially, culturally and professionally while working on this project and assisted in creating a far more prevalent image for the client overall.

The body of work for this project saw a truly multichannel outcome across research, report and policy writing, website redesign, copywriting and content productions for blog, photographic and film content, rebranding, UX strategy, Communications strategy, Mentoring and systems design for international communication and sustainable ongoing content production.

Jimmy even got on a roof and fixed the internet at one point.

the results: uptake on social media increased by 300%+, content library including photography, written blog content, video interviews and stock footage and media guidelines. rebrand, brand asset library and usage guidelines established for future marketing efforts. increase in traction including shorter lead times to reach annual fundraising goals.

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