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An overview of what we try and explain to our parents we do for a living.

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In 2018, we travelled to regional Tanzania and lived on-site at the Katoke Lweru the Katoke Lweru Secondary School which opened in April 2009. There are some 485 students from Forms 1-6 boarding at the school, 27+ teachers, administration, library and boarding staff.

What we did:
Personal interviews with students and staff
Observational studies
Policy writing
Blog, photographic and film content
Brand refresh
Website rebuild and UX strategy
Communications strategy

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Vanfest is a 4 year old music festival that has grown to become one of the biggest regional tourism and live music events in Australia. Our role over the years has included brand development, experiential auditing and strategy, film and photographic support and, most notably, helping 10,000 people sing happy birthday to event founder Matt Clifton on stage.

What we did:
Market & impact strategy consultation
Identity design
On location film & photography


WWF Australia

The World Wildlife Fund is the world's leading environmental conservation organisation, working in 100 countries globally. We worked with WWF across the 2014 Reef Report, Earth Hour 60+ campaign and 2016 Sustainable Development Goals Australia (SDGA) Conference.


Whispering Woods

Whispering Woods is a sustainable farm and accommodation venue. We were asked to create a versatile brand that represents the values, legacy and tranquil surroundings of a much loved farm in the pristine old-growth Karri Forrests of Western Australia.

What we did:
Branding & identity design
Market & impact strategy consultation
Product and packaging design & development
Social media Strategy

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Crawford Industries

Crawford Industries is a leading property development and urban design business in the booming Australian city of Newcastle. We worked with Crawford to create and bring to life a clean and modern brand.

What we did:
Logo design
Print & digital content
Brand vision and style guide

Want more examples of our current and previous work?

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