The simple life

The balance of certainty and our inherent ability to be so consistently and comprehensively distracted.


Whenever I meet someone who I think has it all worked out I try to find answers. A formula to help me find happiness, adventure or fulfilment to replicate their journey.

I remember it happened when Alexis and I were in Pemberton, Western Australia in July last year. We AirBNB'd a little cottage on a small hobby farm owned by Alexa and Mike.

He was an Aussie boy working in remote mines in Northern Canada, she was a school teacher from Canada. They fell in love, travelled for a while then saved their pennies and went after their dream to settle on an adorable farm. They wanted to have a go at the simple life. So they bit down and made it happen in a simply stunning old logging town. The level of commitment to getting through the many social, cultural and financial road blocks they came across shouldn't be underestimated. They aimed, shot and hit the target with the precision of a sniper.

When we arrived, up the long grassy driveway up to the cottage we were welcomed by Mikey. He approached us with a warm smile to have a chat, show us around the simple cottage and tell us the history of the farm. He split logs for our fire while chatting away in his flannelette shirt. 

After our first crisp night we fell in love with the farm, the fresh air and the daily kookaburra wake-up-call. We became fascinated with Allexa and Mike's path.

There appeared a question. A question we have all, in excitement answered too quickly only to dilute the answer down to a 'we will as soon as we save up enough / finish this / sort out that'.


Could we throw away our current situation, run away to this perfect place, get adorable jobs and live simply and happily?

Ponderance Collective