Who is Ponderance Collective ?

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managing director

With experience from his extensive freelance and agency career Jimmy brings a global gold standard of creative direction and brand development. Jimmy is passionate about creating lasting, transparent and impactful brands that communicate in an honest (sometimes brutally) and memorable way. His experience covers most practical outcomes including digital, production and product design. 



strategic lead

Alexis is one of those people who figures you out before you get through the door. Her work as an academic researcher for leading Australian Universities and her experience in the NGO, charity and government sectors provides a valuable compass with which to navigate global projects, politics and cultures. Alexis brings a curious eye and a dedication to transparency in research that allows our work to tell stories and find details that most would simply overlook.



creative lead

Parker has a passion for visual design and the impact it has on human engagement. She is the perfectionist in our team, who enforces a high standard and makes sure everyone follows the proven methodology of GOOD design. Parkers experience in digital, motion and traditional media is something we are proud... No, honoured to be able to see in action everyday. Her positive attitude and obsession with riding and building custom motorcycles is a clear bonus.



australian operations

Kieren's experience in building brands and understanding markets is second to none. Having worked extensively with some of the worlds biggest brands to ensure they are kicking goals and ready for change. Kieren is proud of his spectacular ability to positively impact businesses both culturally and commercially. He is versatile, experienced and organised with a genuine enthusiasm for... Life in general. If you spend 5 minutes in a room with Kieren you will be a happier more productive person.