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Singtel Optus is Australia's second largest telecommunications companies with over 8000 employees. Their large university-style campus in Sydney's North-West is where 1000's of their employees work, eat, shop, park, drop kids of at daycare centres and even work out. So the challenge of way-finding and informing staff who are busily moving about was presented. 

What we did: 

Research & behavioural insights

Way-finding and digital signage design

Motion and static content

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Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University is one of Australia's leading education and research institutions with over 40,000 students currently enrolled. As global economies move towards a more precarious model of work it is vital that we understand and predict ways to nurture and understand this trend. The emergence of co-working and post-Fordist workforce modelling has been the subject of an ongoing, global study that we have been assisting the WSU School of Social Sciences with.

What we are doing: 

Global research projects

Academic writing and analysis

Social trend analysis to influence policy

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The WWF Sustainable Development Goals Australia Conference aims to raise awareness, foster opportunities for partnerships and catalyse local Australian action around the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to play a supportive role in Sydney for the 2016 event, event resources, guest relations, event guide application and procuring environmentally friendly and sustainably focused businesses to make the event an engaging and enjoyable experience.

What we did:

Event coordination

Research & writing of event materials

Sustainable event design

iOS Android application development assistance & testing



Earth hour is all about switching off and taking sometime to consider your environmental impact on the planet. Starting in 2007 in Sydney, Earth Hour has grown into the largest environmental awareness event in the world. Now in its 10th year, Earth Hour is estimated to engage people in 172 countries and over 7,000 cities and towns worldwide. This includes 1 in 4 Australians.Working beside the inspiring environmental campaigner and Earth Hour founder, Anna Rose, we were able to help send a clear message about climate change through social media strategy, campaign coordination, ambassador engagement and a huge activation event in Manly featuring a live Stackla social media feed, and Australian icon Michale Caton as emcee.

What we did:

Campaign & Design Coordination

Creative content production

Event and activation

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The 2014 WWF Reef Report was composed as a primary resource for the UNFCCC Climate Change Summit held in Lima, Peru and was distributed as the main resource for the 2014 Earth Hour 60+ campaign. We were tasked with designing a highly readable resource on a short timeline that would honour the decades of work put in to its findings by WWF and the authors.

What we did

Research assistance

Publication design

Print & Digital design


Case study: KATOKE TRUST 

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Building awareness for the future of Tanzania...

The Katoke Trust for Overseas Aid was founded in 1998 by Professor Alan Watson (UNSW), to support a sustained, multi-pronged attack on extreme poverty in the Katoke area of Tanzania. The Trust centres their activities under three themes: Care, Educate, Grow, aimed at self-help educational, medical and economic improvement in the area. Project aims include malaria reduction, HIV/AIDs education, and the development of cash crops for farmers such as pineapples, palm oil and vanilla.

The major project of the Trust is the Katoke Lweru Secondary School, which opened in April 2009. The school now has some 485 students from Forms 1-6 boarding at the school, 27+ teachers, plus administration, library and boarding staff. Approximately half of the students receive full sponsorship for their tuition, food and board. 

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What we did:

In 2018, The Ponderance Collective visited the Katoke Lweru Secondary School in Tanzania. We stayed on site at the school for 5 weeks, and built lasting friendships with teachers, staff and students. During this time we created written, blog, interview, photographic and video content to be rolled out over the next 12 months. 

Content and strategic outcomes include: Photographic and video content production, complete rebrand, website rebuild, blog build and content production, social media set up and ongoing management, marketing and communications strategy, policy strategy and writing, mentoring staff and students to empower them to produce and broadcast content in sustainable ways including the quarterly KLSS school Newsletter that will create a vital link between the school and its community.

We revised a website, examined donor engagement, built communications strategies and empowered a local community to have a global voice.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 7.27.34 pm.png

We mentored select staff and students in website development, photography and the use of editing programs such as Photoshop and InDesign. We also helped the student writers club to create and distribute their first ever KLSS School Newsletter.

We continue to assist the Katoke Trust with their communications and marketing strategy, policy writing and the ongoing release of content. We are building relationships with students and staff at the Katoke Lweru Secondary School to create future, sustainable channels of communications and to empower local student photographers and writers to produce new content for their school, to share with the world.





MANA is a socially responsible, ethically made clothing label that offers more than just apparel. It builds a community around mental health support and personal growth. MANA is about Conscious Comfort for the modern day meditator.

Our impact on MANA: 

  • Business development & market analysis
  • Branding & identity design
  • Marketing strategy 
  • Content production


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WHISPERING WOODS - Sustainable Farm, Accomodation & venue

We were asked to create a versatile brand that represents the values, legacy and tranquil surroundings of a much loved farm in the pristine old-growth Karri Forrests of Western Australia. The challenge here was to create an image that evoked the silencing feeling of the giant trees, the fresh morning dew flicking up on your ankles in the silver morning light and of course a business that is both up and running and growing fast... 

What we did: 

  • Branding & identity design
  • Market & impact strategy consultation
  • Product and packaging design & development




Vanfest is a 4 year old music festival that has grown to become one of the biggest regional tourism and live music events in Australia. Our role over the years has included brand development, film and photographic support, experiential auditing and strategy and, most notably, helping 10,000 people sing happy birthday to event founder Matt Clifton last year, up on stage. 

What we did: 

  • Branding & identity design
  • Market & impact strategy consultation
  • On location film & photography