The Ponderance Collective is a conscious creative consultancy. In addition to helping businesses we host events, research, write our blog 'The Ponderance' and engage with our growing community of Ponder People in Australia and all around the world.

It is our mission to encourage social and environmental responsibility within our team, our community and our client’s businesses.



We believe in real world, tangible action... Not boardroom buck-passing and ivory tower world-views. We research properly with actual people, conversations, out-of-office travel and getting our head, heart and hands connected to the things we are learning about. 

We build a unique team around each and every project. That’s why we call ourselves a ‘collective’. We engage intelligent people who can offer fresh perspectives and relevant experience to the task at hand. Not cookie-cut resumes with a human attached.

The marketing and communications industry has been spoiled by award-winning egos, inefficient processes and budget blowout tactics for far too long. We are determined to disrupt these practices and bring end-to-end creative support to businesses who are, or aspire to become socially and environmentally responsible, inside and out.

It's 2017... Don Draper is dead.


We travel with our work - camping out, hiking, climbing and practicing yoga. You might find us working on your project in our studio, in the surf or on a 10 day camping trip. This helps us to stay healthy, body and mind. You're welcome to join us... 

We celebrate the fact that our brains need time and sufficient blood flow to form and retain good ideas. Humans do not learn well in "consecutive, uninterrupted glops, much like what happens in most boardrooms of schoolrooms" (John Medina, Brain Rules). 

You can’t smell, feel or discover for yourself on the internet at your desk. Our active working environment nurtures intelligent problem solving and creativity. 

We will break rules, ruffle feathers and show that successful business is measured by more than a dollar sign.



Visual communication, Design


Illustration, Creative direction

Copywriting, Editing, Research

Web development

Project management

Business audit

Events and activations

Yoga & wellness